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If for you, holidays are a time for relaxation, Thai massages offer an interesting alternative to pamper not only your body, but also your mind. L’essayez, c’est aussi l’adopter! (???) Taking this time out for yourself will allow you to reap many benefits and reawaken all your senses, helping you to recuperate and relax.

Your body will be in experienced hands, as Thai massages are something that cannot be improvised and are only performed by professionals. The massages are not of sexual nature, and your body will merely be subjected to pressure amounts specific to your needs. Your masseur/masseuse may use either his/her hands, elbows, or even feet in order to help you release any tensions that you may be experiencing.

You will have many different types of Thai massages at your disposal, from neck massages to feet, all of which last approximately an hour on average. So pick the one that is best for you and allow yourself to relax. However, do not be fooled – the best salons are not necessarily the ones that look the most luxurious.

And remember… Seek inner peace!